2014 Project Rundown: Webfortis Messaging & Brand Image

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About four years ago, a company in California contacted us requesting a proposal for branding and website development work. We submitted a proposal, but the company decided not to move forward with the projects at that time.

Several years later, I received a "Remember me?" email from the client. He was making a business trip to the Pacific Northwest, wanted to meet with us and requested that we make some revisions to our old proposal. The revised proposal was approved and we began work after nearly three years of "Ready. Set. Wait." It was great to get started.

Webfortis is a consulting and implementation company that helps customers across a wide sector of business run better and more efficiently by maximizing their use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM software.

The company had been around for over a decade and it's founder literally wrote the book (actually, he's the author of several books) on Microsoft Dynamics.

We began our work by interviewing Webfortis leadership, reviewing their existing branding and marketing materials, researching eight of their competitors and developing a Creative Brief, Executive Summary and 44-page document outlining our findings and presenting brand platform messaging, tagline direction, key messages by market and a brand campaign approach.

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Following acceptance of this work, we developed a logo design, graphic standards and business card design. These projects went through many levels of client review and input to receive approval. Ultimately, Webfortis ended up with a new brand image and tagline that better positions the company against their larger competition and sets the visual stage for success in their rapidly-changing market.

Besides the one in-person meeting we had with Webfortis’ vice-president of sales, we have not personally met any of the people we have been working with. It’s amazing the insight and relationships that can be developed though conference calls, emails and by asking the right questions.