Broadcast Media

TV is Still Holding Its Own

Companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu have changed the way we think about television, but what does this mean for traditional advertising? After all, we don’t have to sit through commercials anymore. Well, that’s not exactly true. We often must wait for the “Skip Ad” 15-second countdown to watch a video on a news website or YouTube. And, there’s an entire following for commercials. Think about the Super Bowl ads. According to YouGov’s research, most millennials prefer the commercials to the actual game.

Television is still holding its own in this omniplatform environment, and it’s worth our attention. Broadcast media is another limb in the world of advertising, and can bolster existing digital marketing strategies.

Video Killed the Radio Star: False Alarm

Radio isn’t just about AM/FM anymore. It comes through iHeartMedia, Pandora, Spotify, Satellite Radio, Sirius XM, and other digital channels. With so many options, where do you start?

Leave the Creating to Us

Let Klündt | Hosmer determine if broadcast media is worth your investment. From there, we can help you concept, storyboard and write commercials that best engage your audience.