Branding / Logo Design

More Than Just A Nice Design

The art and business of branding—the creation of a logo, business papers, and printed and interactive designs that instantly convey the essence of a company or organization—is vital for the success of any enterprise. Understanding the values and buying factors of your customers is the first step to creating an effective brand image.

A Logo is Not Clip Art and Text

One of the biggest mistakes we see in branding is the lack of attention and thoughtfulness applied to the logo design. Low-cost and instant design solutions exist online where a user can pair the name of their business with many clip-art icons. But what makes that icon the best choice for a particular business? If it’s a personal choice, how does a business know this icon will resonate with its customers? How can a business stand out and ensure there are not a dozen other companies out there using the same icon?

Klündt | Hosmer has guided over 500 businesses and organizations through our branding and logo design process. Our proven approach ensures that the design we create will accurately and effectively represent your organization. Whether you are an architect with 10 employees (ZBA), a university with an enrollment of 10,000 students (Gonzaga), or a healthcare provider with 100,000 patients (CareUnity), Klündt | Hosmer will develop custom branding materials that communicate authentically, garner the desired response and achieve the brand goals.

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