Brand Audits

Know Where You Are

It’s commonly said that you can’t get where you want to go if you don’t first know where you are. The brand audit informs where you are and sets your company on a path toward tangible success.

The first step in developing a brand strategy is to thoroughly audit your organization and brand. This work defines how well your branding materials are performing and determines how they measure up against your business’s competition.

The point is to discover how your company’s brand is perceived in the marketplace, how this public perception compares with how your company wants to be perceived and how the public perception rivals the brand perception and marketing efforts of your top competitors.

Aspects of a Brand Audit Include:

  • Review of existing logo design, print materials, advertising, marketing, website and other tactics in use.
  • Review of internal and external messaging, brand values and key attributes.
  • Interviews with corporate staff, customers, clients and even competitors.
  • Recommendations for strategic improvement.
  • Development of key messages, design direction and audience personas, which guide future branding and marketing decisions.

Get the Knowledge You Need

We write and review online surveys on behalf of our clients. Online surveys help companies discover what their customers are thinking and provide insight into a company’s services, products or customer opinions about competitors. We believe that surveys are the key to a successful project because they ensure that marketing decisions are made strategically and not in a vacuum. Klündt | Hosmer uses online surveys to gain information for all brand identity and website projects.

Developing a survey properly—without leading or biased questions, user fatigue, confusing question order, and ambiguity for international speakers — is critical for gaining accurate and useable data.

Once we gather the data, we review survey responses, provide recommendations and prepare a detailed report for corporate executives and marketing teams that can inform how a business makes a specific product or service. These insights enable businesses to make marketing decisions based on facts, instead of guesses or assumptions. 

To learn more about the benefits of online surveys and how we can help develop them, contact us. We are happy to develop a project scope for you and survey estimate.

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