Brand Strategy & Messaging

Competitive Research & Focus Group Testing

It’s vital to know who you are up against to win any race. Competitive research informs your business strategy by getting your business ahead of your competition and keeping it there. In reviewing and analyzing your competition’s marketing efforts, we will provide and help implement a comprehensive business strategy that differentiates you from your competitors.

Take this Journey with a Guide

While Klündt | Hosmer can’t determine your operating costs or set prices for your services or products, we will provide insight about your competitors and how they appear in print and online and compare this to the impressions being made by your company.

As a part of our process, we review your competitors’ logo designs, print marketing materials, advertising efforts, website, online marketing strategy, social media presence and other brand manifestations. Then we compare them to your own and recommend how to maximize your branding and marketing strategies so your company advances beyond industry competitors.

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