Logo Design

Not Just a Pretty Face

The foundation of any business or organization’s brand identity is its logo design.

Take a moment to think about logos you recognize. There are likely dozens of them. Like recognizing a friendly face in a crowded room, seeing a familiar logo in a crowded marketplace brings feelings of comfort and trust. When you’re familiar with a logo your association with that company is positive. Customers can feel the same positive way about your organization when you have a logo that is well-designed and communicates effectively. 

Klündt | Hosmer has helped over 500 businesses and organizations gain this degree of public recognition. Take a look at our Fall Logo Tour to see some of the logos we’ve done around town.

How We Get You There

Our thorough logo design process results in brand identities that don’t just look good—they work. Even in the most challenging circumstances, we bring groups of decision makers to consensus. Our logo designs receive national and international design awards and, even more importantly, have served our clients for decades. A company’s logo design is the cornerstone for all branding and marketing endeavors, so it should be done right. 

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