Tagline Development

But What Do You DO?

You know what your business or organization offers. Maybe your business’s name describes it, or it is communicated through a compelling logo design, but what if these branding elements aren’t enough to immediately describe the benefits you offer?

That’s when a creative tagline becomes useful.

Taglines are short, 3–5 word statements that quickly and clearly communicate a critical aspect of a business or product. These statements can change over time, but must be accurate. 

Klündt | Hosmer has created dozens of corporate and organizational taglines to help define our clients’ offerings. These taglines are often displayed with an organization’s logo, on a website home page and in marketing materials. 

Some examples of taglines that Klündt | Hosmer created are below:

ADCO Manufacturing
Where Products Meet Packaging

The Dinner Party
A Setting for Every Place

GoJoe Patrol
Joe Will Be Watching

HMR Consulting
Thoughtful Market Insight

SL Start
Enriching People's Lives

Inspiration Unleashed

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