Digital Marketing

Definitions Are a Good Place to Start

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for anything you’re doing to advertise your business online. This includes advertising techniques such as search engine marketing, social media advertising, website audience retargeting, and content marketing.

Because these techniques don’t work the same for every business or organization, Klündt | Hosmer doesn’t base our online strategies on intuition or design-savvy alone. We’re as much marketers as we are scientists, so we pay close attention to what happens after someone sees or clicks on an advertisement. We observe which ads inspire users to spend the most time on your website or which landing pages succeed in getting a user to fill out a lead form.

Then, we use these observations to improve the campaign and ensure that it accomplishes what it set out to do. If our initial strategy is not working, then we run campaign experiments until we figure out what does.

The Basis for Our Digital Marketing Strategies

As an expert in your industry it’s easy to assume that you know your audience exactly, how your audience thinks, what your audience wants, and how you should talk to “said” audience, but marketing, digital or not, is not about familiarity or intuition. It’s about science.

Here’s why: If we scrap the scientific method and instead rely on intuition then we’ll likely make wrong assumptions—like when we thought that the earth was flat or at the center of the universe.

As digital marketers, we see this all the time. When online campaigns rely solely on our own knowledge, they nosedive. But, unlike other marketing mediums, digital marketing collects a lot of data, such as

  • how often an ad is shown to someone online?
  • how often an ad is clicked on?
  • which headline receives the most response?
  • which call-to-action inspires the most activity?

Digital strategists, like us, interpret this data and use it to your advantage. In each campaign, we make a hundred small modifications to ensure that you’re paying for a campaign that meets your campaign objectives. Your objective could be something like:

  • increase the quality of our website traffic
  • generate 5-10 quality leads every month
  • receive 300+ phone calls from potential patients looking to schedule an appointment
  • increase blog subscribers by 150%
  • increase ecommerce product sales by 15%

What makes us different from other online campaign strategists is how we help you

We’re transparent. If something is not working, we'll tell you.

We also have higher management fees because we monitor your campaigns closely. When we do this, you pay less for your advertisements. Google and other platforms reward businesses for creating good ads. So by managing the campaign well, you get more for your dollar. Our digital team also has an extensive background in search engine optimization (SEO), which enables us to identify more lucrative/relevant industry keywords, increase the quality scores for online ads, and craft content that inspires consumer action.

We're different because we:

  • are thorough researchers
  • use our SEO background to maximize the value of your campaign
  • we're badged Google Partners and have proven our skills through certifications, performance and mangement of client ad budgets

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