The Ever-Changing Online World

In a world of instant access to information and smartphones that deliver text, image and video content to the palm of your customer’s hand, your business’s online presence may be the most important element of your marketing.

Unique Websites for Unique Brands

Klündt | Hosmer specializes in custom development of website design using SilverStripe CMS, content, functionality, and online marketing strategies that deliver online results and enhance your brand.

Our interactive team maximizes the power and convenience of established, open source content management systems like SilverStripe, along with digital tools for project management to develop responsive websites that are as appealing to Google as they are to users.

Why it Matters

In a website study, the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab had over 2,400 participants evaluate the credibility of the websites they were shown. Over 46% stated that the look of the website was the primary factor in determining the credibility of the presented information.

Klündt | Hosmer makes websites look great and function well. If that’s important to you, contact us.

Visit our Portfolio to view examples of our Online Design and Development.