From Quill to Press

In 1439, Johannes Gutenberg became the first European to reproduce written content using movable type and a printing press. A lot has changed in nearly 600 years, but the need to share information and communicate using ink and paper is more important than ever.

Tactile Marketing

Print materials enhance a brand impression through tangible interaction. With print, a reader can feel, interact and connect with your company. A brochure or sales kit is a permanent, available and portable tool—conveying your message with style and commitment. These printed tools also are a valuable resource for corporate sales reps and help them better engage with your customers.

Our Love Affair with Ink and Paper

Klündt | Hosmer has helped thousands of clients promote their companies or sell their products through the power of print design. Our designers and writers know how to put together compelling print pieces that generate impressions that last longer than your typical website session.

While movable type is now of little use, ink and paper can derive marketing impact that pixels never will. Printed marketing material affects all the senses. In addition to being visual and tactile, it can be auditory, in the case of a greeting card, or can use inks that are infused with specific fragrances like chocolate or soap. We work with offset and digital printing providers that are capable of handling a diverse range of print projects. 

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