Sales Materials

The Right Tools Ensure Success

Your sales team works hard. They’re the ones who meet with prospective customers and try to close deals. As a business owner or marketing director, you should make it as easy for them as you can. One way to do this is to develop and provide effective sales materials.

Sales materials consist of a containment piece (folder) designed to hold a brochure, business cards, data or product sheets, and estimates or proposals. This type of kit will provide your sales team with all of the elements necessary to present your company, products, proposal or contract in a manner that is professional and consistent with your brand.

Distinctively Different

Most people spend the majority of their days sitting in front of a computer screen, so there is something special about sitting back in a chair and flipping through the pages of a brochure.

With printed marketing materials, corporate or product information is available literally at your customer’s fingertips—making it simple for a prospect to interact with your company.

Respond Well

In addition to needing sales kits, many of our clients are in industries where they must respond to RFPs and submit proposals in order to gain new business. While we are often hired to develop a corporate logo design and stationery package for these firms, one of the most important design projects is often relegated to in-house staff—the design of the proposal itself. Creating a compelling cover and interior page layouts for proposals isn’t a project that should be done by the firm’s administrative staff. Proposal design is important and we can help.

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