A new look for Empire Dance, Hamilton Studio, PENTA and 18 Years with Henry

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Premier of the Hamilton Studio Website

Klündt | Hosmer has worked with Hamilton Studio for nearly 30 years. A consummate photography, film and audio studio, the company had been represented by a visual brand that we designed back in the day of film cameras and in-house processing. After creating a new Hamilton Studio logo in 2016, the company hired us to re-envision their website.

Starting from a perspective of “what do art directors, marketing directors and producers need to see?”, we created a site that features Hamilton’s award-winning portfolio, talented staff and unique facilities in an approachable, easy-to-use website.


Empire Dance Company Logo Debut

As a specialist in “all things dance”, Empire Dance wanted a brand image that conveyed quality, experience, sophistication, tastefulness and care. They are an established provider of specialty dance clothing and footwear for amateur and professional dancers and needed a more professional logo to identify the business and for sales promotion events.

Our branding process identified key characteristics that were incorporated into the new logo. The symbol of the dancer is inviting and the sensitive brush stoke makes an artistic impression. The figure and its apparel can represent classical ballet, or other dance forms in a way which brings new energy for the future of this successful business.

Penta Tradeshow

Building a New PENTA Trade Show Exhibit

PENTA Building Group’s marketing team hired us to develop a series of exhibits for recruitment and new business efforts at construction trade shows. PENTA is one of the largest commercial construction companies in the Southwest with offices in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. They have built casinos, restaurants, hotels and other facilities totaling over $4 billion. Their new exhibit reflects this large-scale construction work. This photo supplied by PENTA shows one of the exhibits at a recent show.


Henry Ortega — 18 Years at Klündt | Hosmer

The year was 1999. Henry Ortega applied for a graphic designer position at Klündt | Hosmer and even though he was fresh-from-school, we saw his potential and he became part of our team. Our clients have benefited from Henry’s design talent and dedication, ever since. We've watched Henry grow from being a designer to art director and have experienced his love for design, his commitment to his family, and his unique sense of humor each day for the past 18 years. Henry is not just part of our team, he is our design team leader. ¡Gracias por todo, Henry!