Avista at Mobius, Rockwood's Summit and KH goes to camp

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Avista MobiusAvista Mobius Exhibit

Exhibiting Energy for Avista at Mobius

The new Mobius Science Center opened this summer, just west of Riverfront Park in Avista’s historic Post St. Substation Annex. The grand opening of the new space featured the amazing Bodies Human exhibit, as well as an Avista-sponsored display.

By channeling the inquisitiveness of youth (and taking the opportunity to explore our inner child), we worked with Avista to concept, design, illustrate and manufacture a mobile exhibit that brings the story of electricity generation in Riverfront Park to life. The display is interactive, with visitors able to generate electricity by turning a hand crank that powers lights traveling from the river to neighborhoods around Spokane. The exhibit also educates visitors on Kirtland Cutter’s influence on Spokane architecture and Avista’s commitment to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.

Jessie Wuerst, Senior Communications Manager for Avista, led the project and we engaged the help of our friends at Vic B. Linden Signs, Hamilton Studio and Tim Cunninghamm to make the vision a reality.

Rockwood Summit

Rockwood's Summit Tower Launch

Rockwood Retirement Communities has been a Klündt | Hosmer client for nearly a decade. We help promote their communities, amenities, services and a fresh perspective on retirement living through branding, advertising, online marketing and website work.
Rockwood recently opened The Summit, a $47 million, 11-story, 65-unit luxury high rise tower located at Rockwood South Hill. We helped with the launch by designing a visual identity for The Summit along with a microsite, and managing an online campaign to promote The Summit and empower potential residents to live an active, exciting and creative life.
To schedule a tour of The Summit and to see our work, visit The Summit website.

Collective CampoutArt From CampoutMastery Sheets teaching branch weaving

Collectively Camped Out

We finished out the summer with a number of us going to Spokane Advertising Federation’s Collective Campout, held at Camp Sweyolakan on Lake Coeur d’Alene. Rick, Bri and Gilbert attended as campers, Tiffany and Mastery served as workshop facilitators (teaching drawing and weaving) and Jennifer helped run the campout as AAF Spokane’s Executive Director.
This was the second annual weekend event. It provided an opportunity for us to work with dozens of talented people to unleash our creative energies out in the wild. It was fresh, fun and a great way to reboot, learn new ways of looking at things, and explore our own creative talents.