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Second Nature’s New Website—A Breath of Fresh Air

Second Nature Wilderness Programs is a nationally recognized leader in wilderness therapy for pre-teens, adolescents and young adults. The organization operates programs in Oregon, Utah and Georgia.

After redesigning Second Nature’s brand image and a series of program brochures, we created a website conveying the organization’s key messages to their target audience. We used natural colors and artifacts, wilderness photography, Flash® animated brochures, Google maps and content that guides the visitor to learn how Second Nature’s programs can help their family.

A Parent Portal is accessed via secure log-in, providing parents 24/7 online updates regarding their child’s progress in the program and current photos of their child in the wilderness.

A new Google Adwords campaign and search engine optimization strategy was implemented, improving the relevance of the visitor finding the site via online search.


SL Start Brochure Promotes Unique Services

SL Start is an organization that helps people with developmental and physical disabilities achieve independence and obtain skills training for gainful employment. They provide services for children and adults in over 26 cities throughout Washington and Idaho. Klündt | Hosmer is proud to have worked with SL Start for over 20 years developing brand image, print collateral, advertising and online marketing for the company.

We recently developed a new Corporate Services brochure for SL Start. The 8-page “Hope Starts Here” brochure was designed, art directed and written by Klündt | Hosmer and printed by Johnston Printing. The brochure introduces the company, outlines its services for children and adults with developmental disabilities, as well as highlights employment training.

The brochure is part of a comprehensive marketing and communications package developed with SL Start staff, including a series of service sheets and a new website that will launch this spring.


Johnston Lands Big One Under Pressure

We have worked with Steve Johnston at Johnston Printing for over 22 years. His team does a great job printing brochures, stationery packages, posters, catalogs and other publications for our clients. We have been on thousands of press checks at their facility and know how well they handle the pressure of our quality expectations and deadlines.

Besides sinking a perfect putt on the golf course, one of Steve’s loves is flying. He has been a private pilot for years.

On Monday, February 13, Steve was on a routine solo flight over Lake Coeur d’Alene. When at 700 feet the plane’s single engine lost power, Steve had to come up with options... quick. Capitalizing on integrating his love of flying with his love of golf, Steve glided the plane down and made a perfect emergency landing on the 9th fairway of the Coeur d’Alene Resort golf course.

We have seen Steve and his crew work under pressure many times, but this landing was notably his best effort yet. Definitely worthy of a drink at the clubhouse. Steve, we’ll put you down for a hole in one.

After the mechanic worked on the plane and the FAA cleared Steve, he flew off the end of the fairway and into the history books. Fortunately, he cleared the water.