Rockwood Retirement Communities, Shepherd's Grain, Craig Sweat

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Rockwood Retirement Communities Looking Classy with New Collateral

Since 2010, we have have had the privilege of working with Rockwood Retirement Communities on projects ranging from advertising campaigns to website development to help market and promote their various properties and offerings. When they came to us in need of new print collateral, we were excited to develop a fresh presentation to represent quality living at two of their locations, South Hill and Hawthorne. Our challenge was to create a unified sales kit with a revamped and cohesive design that would appeal to both demographics and highlight the benefits of living in the retirement communities. The sales kit includes a custom die-cut, tri-fold folder, along with a 16-page brochure and insert template for each location. Eowyn Sallis, Marketing Director for Rockwood Retirement Communities, has received very positive response to these new sales tools, and we’re excited to see how they help Rockwood in reaching their occupancy goals.


Planting Seeds for Shepherd’s Grain With a New Website

Klündt | Hosmer recently launched a new website for Shepherd’s Grain, a consortium of over 40 family farms that follow sustainable direct-seeding and no-till agricultural practices to produce their grain. Shepherd’s Grain products are turned into flour, mixes and ultimately baked goods that not only are ecologically-minded, but taste great. The new website includes beautiful photography, custom illustrations and functionality enabling bakers to learn about who raised the wheat that went into their specific bag of flour. The site was built using a CMS allowing Shepherd’s Grain staff to update the site photos and content themselves.


Craig Sweat's new website makes big impressions

J. Craig Sweat is a successful Spokane commercial photographer who’s been in business for over three decades. He does great work that is highly acclaimed – and we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with him over the years on multiple projects for mutual clients. This time around, he got to be the client. We were tasked to develop a website that simply featured his photography, which really speaks for itself. The idea was to show the images as large as possible, in a unique presentation that put the photographs at the forefront of the website design. The various photo galleries can be scrolled through by clicking the square thumbnails, clicking the next image in the horizontal space, or using the arrow keys on your keyboard – providing the user with multiple ways to navigate. Craig is very pleased with the website, and we are very proud of this simplistic site that allows his work to be the focus.