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Big Dreams @ Lee & Hayes

Thinking big is nothing new for Lee & Hayes. That’s one of the reasons they have become one of the most respected IP firms in the nation, and are so successful in helping their clients turn their dreams into tangible profits. The latest print ad we developed for them puts a visual spin on the idea of dreamers and their big innovations. In the design, the word "big" is featured small and reversed out of a circle, tying the visual to the Lee & Hayes brand. The word "dream" is emphasized as the larger of the two words, communicating what is truly big. This unique presentation conveys the innovative thinking behind Lee & Hayes and the clients they serve. The ad builds off the success of last year’s campaign and Lee & Hayes has again won 1st place in best overall IP Law firm.


New Identity for Dr. Susan Kohls

It sounds like Dr. Kohls has entered the witness protection program when we say she has a new identity, but we assure you she is still practicing the same great dentistry, just in a new location. The foundation for redesigning her new brand identity started long before her new building took shape. We took her through our branding process and arrived at a beautiful logo that met all of her characteristics: stylish, graceful, artful, professional, trustworthy, approachable and friendly. The natural earth colors enhance the logomark and add richness and depth to the visual communication of her practice through a stationery package, signage and soon-to-launch website.


Are You Social or Anti-Social?

By: Diane Mahan

This year brings some interesting trends in social media and search marketing that will shift how we strategize and adapt to new marketing outlets. As social networks reach their saturation point, the economy improves, and people spend less time at home in front of their computers, we will see more emphasis placed on mobile marketing. Combine all these trends with the challenge of new legislation for net neutrality and consumer privacy, and this year promises to alter how we do business online.

So, how does this affect you and your business? That was one of the big questions asked at the SearchFest event I attended in Portland in late February. SearchFest covered search engine marketing and optimization (SEM/SEO), social media strategies/analytics, conversion optimization, keywords, linkbuilding, pay-per-click (PPC) and much more. Every speaker at the conference confirmed that there is no magic social media/marketing wand. The business of doing business online is completely different from how we manage our personal social media accounts. It can’t be viewed as a hobby or add-on. It needs to be looked at as part of your marketing strategy.

How does this differ from what you are doing right now? Start by asking yourself three basic questions:

  • What are your online marketing goals and where are they written down?
  • What is your strategy for the next year, and how are you going to measure success?
  • Who’s coordinating all of this in your business, and do they have enough time or do you need to work with a outside specialist?

With your answers to these questions as a starting point, Klündt | Hosmer can help prepare a strategy that will take you through all the 2011 challenges and onto the next stage. If you are not familiar with the big issues surrounding net neutrality, consumer privacy or any of the online marketing strategies mentioned above, give me a call – I’d love to spend a few minutes talking with you!

Diane Mahan
Art Director/Digital Marketing Strategist
456.5576 x103


2011 KH ADDY Award Winners

Polaroids by Michael Pickering, Hamilton Studio

Klündt | Hosmer was recognized at the 2011 ADDY Awards, hosted on March 11th by the Spokane Advertising Federation. The awards honored regional advertising, design, and media firms for advertising and creative excellence. Our winning entries included the following projects. Congratulations to our partners and clients on another year of award-winning work!

  • Avista 2009 Annual Report Digitally Enhanced Photo
  • S.L. Start Brochure
  • S.L. Start Website
  • David Green Logo
  • First Night Spokane Poster
  • Ben & Lauren Klündt Wedding Invitation