New Practice for Petrie, New Logo for Larson, K|H Annual Fall Party, Our Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

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New Dental Practice and Total Brand Image for Petrie Dental

After a successful stint practicing at a local office in Spokane, Dr. Arvind Petrie decided to branch out on his own. He and his wife moved back to their home town of Tacoma, where he purchased an existing practice. He called on us to help him with a new brand image for the practice including naming, logo, letterhead, business cards, appointment cards, website, content optimization and a Facebook page. The new image reflects his friendly personality and likable style, along with his quality care and professional service. He really is one of those dentists that makes you enjoy your visit. Plus, he is a great guy to work with—professional, fun and very likable. What a great foundation to build a brand on.


Gregg A. Larson CPA—A New Look for an Experienced Professional

As an experienced CPA consultant, Gregg A. Larson was in need of a professional and contemporary new visual brand image for his company. We helped upgrade his look with a new logo that projects a more professional image that better reflects his high quality service and dedication to clients. Developing a new image for an established practice takes a unique perspective and understanding, so as to build on the brand equity that already exists. We kept this in mind and delivered a solution that will help take Gregg's business to the next level.


Annual K|H Fall Party at Darin & Jean’s House in Green Bluff

Major fun was had by all at the annual Klündt | Hosmer fall party, hosted by Darin and Jean. Between the huge bouncy slide, cotton candy, delicious Thai food provided by our client Pinyo Sausage, and truck rides to the pumpkin patch, our team and their families got into the fall spirit. This yearly tradition has become a favorite event of ours, and serves as a great time to come together before the busyness of the holiday season.

All I Want for Thanksgiving is…

Speaking of the holiday season, as Thanksgiving approaches, we are thankful for everything this year has brought us—bountiful gifts including a rock-star team and great clients who keep us busy and inspired. So in the spirit of this American holiday, we asked our team what their favorite Thanksgiving foods are. The result is a smorgasbord of deliciousness—both traditional and fun.

Diane: Cranberry sauce, stuffing and mashed potatoes—all in one bite.

Micah: Pizza! I highly prefer it over turkey, and eating it for Thanksgiving one year is a fond childhood memory of mine.

Rick: Growing up as part of an Italian family, my favorite Thanksgiving food is gnocchi and ravioli.

Henry: Free food! Except green bean casserole.

Ashley: A mound of stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy—an awesome mix of comfort foods!

John: Probably turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. All enjoyed with a Shiner Bock, a favorite beer from my home state of Texas.

Patti: Cranberries (and don’t forget the wine!).

Melanie: My family’s famous cream cheese mashed potatoes.

Steve: Turkey, stacked with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Jean: Mincemeat pie!

Mastery: My favorite traditional Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie (really, anything pumpkin), but I always love anything my sister makes, and it’s not always what you’d call “traditional.”

Heather: My husband’s homemade noodles—they are so doughy and delicious!

Darin: I like those skinny green beans with mushroom sauce on them and the crunchy stuff on top.

Jennifer: Turkey is my favorite because I love it left over on sandwiches.