The Birth of Symbio

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Symbio Brand, Website and Video Gallery

Jason Swain has a masterful way of helping organizations discover their core values, clarify the purpose and mission of their work, and maximize the strengths of individuals to form higher-performing teams. When Jason determined to rename Jason Swain & Associates, re-brand his consultancy and launch a new website, we were pleased to help him effectively accomplish these goals.
First came the development of a creative and new corporate name with a descriptive tagline to better define Jason's work.
Symbio | Organizational Authenticity combines the root word of symbiotic, defined as having an interdependent relationship, with bio because people are biologically wired to work together. This inter-dependency and hard-wired human capacity to trust and collaborate with each other is encompassed in the name Symbio. "Organizational Authenticity" defines the heart of Jason's work—helping people within organizations understand who they authentically are as an organization by defining corporate culture, values, and purpose in ways that everyone can embrace.
We paired a new corporate logo, business card, and website to further define Symbio's brand. The website was designed and written by our team, following extensive interviews with Jason and participation in his Organizational Authenticity program.
To help potential clients get to know Jason and his work, we created an online gallery of nine videos that were produced in in conjunction with the Hamilton Studio. In the videos, Jason responds to a series of off-camera questions and his unscripted responses were captured and edited. The visual direction of the videos builds on Symbio's brand image and website design and allows viewers to experience Jason's insight, commitment, and personality prior to engaging with his firm.
Symbio's work with organizations is powerfully reflected in its three brand promises: The work is customized for each client. It is transformative. And it is measurable. As we worked with Jason through these branding and promotional projects, it was interesting to find that Symbio's brand promises are so similar to our own. Klündt | Hosmer provides customized design that transforms a company's perceived image with marketing that is strategic and measurable.